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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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LK Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

*High quality and wear resistance thicken casting platen adopts finite element analysis design that brings even stress distribution without distortion.

*Intergrated toggle with multi point stress loading design;die locking precision is higher.

*High tensile thicken chrom plated tie bar is more sturdy and durable.

Refurbishied TOYO Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Intergrated injection system with no floating pistion design,which is more reliable and durable

*Excellent injection performance;maximum air injection speed>8m/s,pressure building up time<15m/s;switching time from slow speed to high speed is shorten obviously,which can satisfy different die casting parts production requirement.

Refurbishied Buhler Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Controlled by pressure sensor and only when reach the setted value;injection system will work to ensure consistent product quality.

*Adopt large dimension cartridge valve to reduce power loss and improve injection speed.

Refurbishied UBE Die Casting Machine.JPG

Double proportional valve control system pressure and flow, with multi-stage pressure and speed control and low-pressure die close protention function

Refurbishied Italpress Die Casting Machine.JPG

Good quality high and low pressure pump with high performance and low noise,saves energy and improves production efficiency.

Refurbishied Italpress Die Casting Machine.JPG

Adopts automatic concentrated lubrication system, improves service life of the machines and decreases repair times

Refurbishied Zitai Die Casting Machine.JPGRefurbishied Colosio Die Casting Machine.JPG

Adopt Delta/Omron/Siemens computer control system with stable performance and high precision,could control and supervise every movement date and status,which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Strong memory function could store different mould parameters

The system is equipped with self diagnosing and failure alarm function for easy removal problems.

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