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Weijin Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance

      The maintenance is classified as daily, the first grade, the second grade, and the third grade. It is suggested that the users set up equipment maintenance file and assigns special personnel to be responsible according to following contents of maintenance,which will play aimportant role in ensuring safety operation and extending machine service life.

(1) machine daily and fixed period maintenance & repairing

 a. Check up oil level in the oil tank. Generally, it must be at above 80% index mark of 

the oil.At most it should not exceed the upper black limit index line.

             b. Check for completely lubrication system before operating the machine, and for sufficient quantity lubrication oil. Firstly, manually lubricate for 5-6 times and afterwards lubricate once for every 300-400 times (It can be setted by user according to the properties of products).

            c. At start up of the oil pump, firstly check up if the operation pressure displayed by the pressure meter reached the requirement of the products. The displayed pressure must be less than the Max. operation pressure allowed by machine;

           d. Clean up oil dirt and dust on oil tank, hydraulic components and other moving parts(especially pay attention to steel strip and tie bars) and Check up for oil leaking situation on portions of oil tank, electro-magnetic valve, oil cylinder and pressure meter and etc.handle it right away for any leakage;

          e. After machine start up for some time, check up temperature for hydraulic oil and cooling water.In the normal working oil temperature should be within 40℃-50℃ and not exceed 55℃.

          fClean up oil filter periodically and there must be no dirt and damage on the oil filter screen;

          g.Check pressure each one week.Once the nitrogen not enough,charge nitrogen to the required value.

       Daily Check

       A. Stop the emergency switch,whether computer control system and motor stop.

       B. Check lubrication system,whether it will lubricate according to the setting

       C. Keep machine and environment clean

       D.Check safety door under manual and auto condition. Once the safety door open,whether mould closing motion will stop.

      Monthly check

      A.check electric components connector

      B.check hydraulic oil,it be polluted or not  

      C.clear and change filter in the tank

      D.inject greese for mould adjustment screw  

      Yearly check

      A. Check the hydraulic oil need to change or not

      B. Check the wire aging or not especially for the part contact with the hydraulic oil.

      C. Check the tightness of the wire connectors


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