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Weijin Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Troubleshooting

1、the main motors of hydraulic pump cannot start

Check and analyze: push the start buttons of hydraulic pump to investigate if contactor of hydraulic pump has contacts with each other or not.

1if contactor is not contacts with each others.

Aif thermo relay has been operated or not and whether has been damaged or not

Bthe voltage of power is normal or not(check by multimeter).

Ccheck the start and stop buttons operate normally whether control lines has been shorted or not.

Dwhether contact coils has been damaged or not (check by multi meter ).

2If contactor contact with each other’s then check

AIf the hydraulic pump has damaged or assembled too tight or not, rotate the Shafter by hand, the Shafter should have a 3~5mm of level of gaps.

BWhether the line connect between the 3 phase power and motors.

CIf the main motor has been damaged or not.

2、 press pump start buttonthermorelay tripping operate

check and analyzePush the start buttons of hydraulic pumps, after running of main motor for times, the thermo relay will be tripping operation (be off).

1hydraulic relay has bee damaged or rated current is too smallespecially pay attention to the start of using Y-△ start the position of thermo relay are different in main circuit, should adjust  the rated current).

2current has increased because of the voltage is too low or imbalance of voltage of 3 phase .

3the resistance of the wire windings of 3 phase of main motor is unbalanced.

4main pressure and the pressure of double pump has been adjusted with too highly and caused switch became “off” with that the machine was running with too larger load.

5hydraulic pump has been damaged or been assembled with too tight.


3、No pressure

check analyzeafter starts hydraulic pumps, push the pressure start button looking at whether has  current of system pressure and flow valve or not ,be sure that whether it is electronically,or is the failure of hydraulic.

1) if has the current output then check:

Awhether the hydraulic pump rotating by reversely or not (along to the direction of shaft of hydraulic pump the clockwise rotation is correct.

Bcheck whether the overflow valve is adjusted with improperly or check up.

Ccheck whether the relief valve been closed or not.

Dwhether the first speed of injection. The second speed of injection cartridge valve been opened or not, the controller of pressure increasing valve is normal or not.

Epressure meters has been damaged or not , whether is the miss indicating or not.

2) if no current output and then check

Awhether the rectify power is normal or not ,the system pressure and flow amplifier board is adjust with improper or damaged.

Bbe sure with that the operation of PLC is normal or not

Ccheck switch of air counter is normal or not.

4.Auto mode failure

if the manual mode is normal but no auto mode movement ,to check whether the safety door limit switch is normal or not, and the movement is back to the origin point or not in accordance with the requirement of operation of machine before running with auto mode should satisfy the condition below safety door(both front and back door) Closed signal input lamp is placed in “on”Auto signal input lamp is placed in ‘on”, ejector returns backs to limit signal input lamp is placed in “on”. If manual operate mode is abnormal should find the root cause and check and sweep the failure out.

 5.Die height adjustment unavailable

Check and analyse: selecting die height adjustment mode to operate, if die height adjustment is unavailable, check as the following steps:

1whether the conditions for the mould adjustments been satisfied or not, for example the die height thin requires: Die height thin button have input, die height thick button have no input, two die height limit positions have inputs.

2the setting value of mould adjustment is too low or not.

3manual operate mode is correct or not.

5if the content above have no problem and to check the items below

   Awhether the mould adjustment of hydraulic motor has been check up or not, damaged or not.

   Bwhether the core of hydraulic valve of mould adjustment has been checkup or not.

   Cin the every moving parts to the mould adjustment to be warned or not. And check up or not.

6.No movement

check and analyseafter starting the hydraulic pump, manual mode, auto mode has no movements,then push the pressure button to check whether the machine has pressure or not.

1) if no pressure to check 

Avoltage stabilizer been damaged or not and fuse tube is burned down or not.

Bsystem pressure and flow proportional control board input and output are normal or not.

Ccheck the adjustment to the system pressure and flow proportional valve is proper and not damaged or not

Dthe PLC is working normal or not .

Ethe system pressure setting is proper or not.

2) if have pressure to check

Aall the connects of oil valve is been normal.

7.die can’t close

Check and analyze: close safety door properly and push the two mould close buttons. if has no signal output then check:

Acheck the inputs of PLC is correct ,the two die close buttons should have input, mould open button has no input, the signal of ejector returning back to origin position has input, the core pulling had select or not, if select, the core pulling limit switch should be in right position, no input for the mould close end. If no the signals of input then check with outer wire connecting.

Bif the conditions of  mould close are satisfied without the signal output for mould close. Then is the failure of PLC.

1) PLC have signal of output then to check with 

A、 Mould close pressure is normal or not, pushes the pressure test button and look at the pressure from the pressure meter.

B、 Be sure that the wiring connects of die close between electrical box and oil valve is correct or not, and magnetic coils of mould close is normal.

C、 Hydraulic pump is damaged or not.

8.No normal speed die close

Check and analyze: observe PLC whether have normal speed input and output.

1) If PLC no normal speed input, then check whether the circuit from normal speed knob switch to PLC is normal or not.

2) If PLC has input signal but no output, it is PLC error.

3) If PLC has input and output, then check:amplifier board work normal or not, circuit from amplifier board to the valve is normal or not, valve coils damaged or not.

4) Normal speed valve core jammed or too less flow, valve speed adjusts OK or not.

9.die cannot open

check and analyzeFirstly check the die open button to check the main PLC has the inputs and outputs.

1checking items for no signal of output:

Amould open button has no input, if any core pulling has been select, the core limit switch should be right positions

Bthe signal of manual mode should be on, and the die open button signal is also on, otherwise should check the wiring connecting between the mould open buttons

2if PLC working well then check.

Aamplifier board work properly .

Bthe connect line from amplifiers to oil valve is normal, if the oil valve has damaged or not.

Cthe valves for mould open has jammed up with something.

Dthe pressure of mould opening is normallook at pressure meters.

Esudden electricity stop for long time after mould close,may cause the mould open not work. you should adjusting the system pressure to the max.selects high speed mould open and push pressure test button down and push the button of mould open to proceed with the movement of mould open .

Gchecking the hydraulic pump of mould open and mould close has no serious oil leakage.

10.no injection

check and analyze:With manual mode the plunger movement is ok, but with auto mode there is no shooting movement, then check the item below:

1if the knob of manual/auto mode is normal:

A、the signal for die close end has no input.:The limit switch for confirm of die close has no proper cooperation. The proximity switch for ending of die close has inducted, but the limit switch for the confirm of ending of die close has not been pressed, or the limit switch has broken.

Bproximity switch for ending of shooting has been damaged.

Cif the first speed of shooting ,the valve for the plunger back warding has conducted, if the core of valve has been operate.

Dshooting time is too short.

Ethe hydraulic cylinder for shooting has damaged.

Fthe hydraulic system has no pressure.

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