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Servo Motor Control Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Servo Motor Control Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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With the development of society, home and aboard customers pay more attention to the efficiency,stability and low energy consumption and noisy of die casting machine. In order to solve these problems effectively,Weijin die casting machine company have adopted servo motor control technique to die casting machine and made great  progress on this subject. 

Energy-Saving Servo Control System

YIZUMI Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine

Through the dual closed-loop control for flow rate and pressure, it quickly adjusts the rotational speed and torque of the machine so as to achieve continued accurate control of the flow and pressure output of the pump, effectively improving  the repeatability.

Stable Electrical Control System

LK Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine

The use of durable branded electrical components and separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhance the stability of the electrical circuit.

Lower Power Consumption

Zitai Die Casting Machine

Thanks to Weijin’s new generation of energy-saving servo technology, as well as the optimized hydraulic oil circuit and component assembly, the machine is 40%-70% more energy-saving than a traditional die casting machine.

Liquid-cooling Servo Motor(it’s suitable for the dust and moisture bad working environment)


Air-cooling Servo Motor


Servo system can response quickly and the pressure change between 0 to 100% can reach 30ms,which can improve efficiency by 5%-12%

Lower hydraulic oil temperature and reduce the use of cooling water by 30% to prolong the hydraulic components service life 

Improve the working environment and decrease noise.

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