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Weijin Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine
Mar 15, 2016

Die casting machine requires different flow and pressure at different stages of the casting processing. For the pump motor, the load of casting machine is always changing. In the fixed displacement pump system, the oil pump controls oil volume in constant speed, and redundant oil returns through the relief valve. This means, which is high-pressure throttling, is estimated to cause energy loss up to 36%~68%. The power allocation directly results in energy loss and affects the work condition of machine. Changing the voltage, current and frequency of the motor are the methods of adjusting the motor. However, changing the current will cause heating of resistor and a waste of energy; adjusting the voltage can limit the flow, but it weakens the transmission capacity. Lowering the speed under rated load will dramatically increase internal current and cause failure of the equipment. Therefore, adjusting the frequency and speed is the best choice.Because of customers’ higher demands on die casting machines, wider application and lower prices of servo systems, Weijin die casting machine company combined servo control technology with die casting machine successfully and gradually becomes preferable for the driving unit of die casting machines. Energy-saving servo technology is an important breakthrough of hydraulic driving technology of die casting machines. The servo system with a high price-performance ratio perfectly meets customers’ requirements in cost and efficiency, which is the development trend of die casting machines. 

Weijin Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine

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