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The First And Largest 500T Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Made In China
Jul 28, 2016

Weijin company develop the first and largest 500T hot chamber die casting machine made in china.

PRODUCER Die Casting Machine.JPGPRODUCER Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Adopt Weijin unique designed injection system with strong and fast injection force and speed,which could satisfy the demands of producing various high precision die casting parts.

LK Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Light wave furnace adopt SCR technology;the melting speed is faster and save enevgy.

YIZUMI Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Siemens computer control system with 10'' touch screen,which is very convenient for operation.

Simhope Die Casting Machine.JPG

*The system is equipped with selfdiagnosing function and failure alarm function for removal problems.

*The powerful memory can store different mould parameter,it's convenient for operation and improve efficiency

LK 500T Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine.JPG

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