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Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Spare Parts Exported To Spain
Nov 05, 2016

           Mr Pico is a professional die casting machine engineer and sold many hot and cold chamber die casting machines,peripheral equipments and spare parts to spanish market. Our Weijin company build a long business and friend relationship with Mr Pico and sold many nozzle heaters,disc heaters,plunger,plunger rings and gooseneck to spanish market. Just because of our superior quality,competitive price and perfect service;customers place the order again and again. Thanks for your trusting and supporting to our Weijin company,we will do much better and better.

LK Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Nozzle,Plunger,Plunger Ring And Nozzle Heater

LK Die Casting Machine Spare Parts.jpg

LK Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Disc Heater And Gooseneck

PRODUCER Die Casting Machine Spare Parts.JPG

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