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Weijin Newly Designed DC320T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
Jul 25, 2016

Weijin Newly Designed DC320T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine


*High quality and wear resistance thicken casting platen adopts finite element analysis design that brings even stress distribution without distortion.

Buhler Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Intergrated toggle with multi point stress loading design;die locking precision is higher.

Toshiba Die Casting Machine.JPG

*High tensile thicken chrom plated tie bar is more sturdy and durable.Prolonged mould platen guidence;die closing is more precisie.

TOYO Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Controlled by pressure sensor and only when reach the setted value;injection system working to ensure consistent product quality.
*Adopt large dimension cartridge valve to reduce power loss and improve injection speed.

Italpress Die Casting Machine.JPG

*Intergrated injection system with no floating pistion design,which is more reliable and durable
*Excellent injection performance;maximum air injection speed>8m/s,pressure building up time<15m/s;switching time from slow speed to high speed is shorten obviously,which can satisfy different die casting parts production requirement.

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