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Ceiling Fan Production Line
Dec 25, 2016

      Ceiling fan is a very common home appliance,which is still widely used in Bangladesh,Pakistan, India and other developing countries.


      Our Weijin company has abundant experience in ceiling fan production line and good at turn-key project.


      Ceiling fan production line involves cover die casting;rotor pressing and casting,blade pressing,coil winding,CNC machining,powder coating and testing. You just need to give us your ceiling fan cover and rotor samples or drawings and estimated output;we could calculate the investment and required workshop area for you.  


       In bangladesh RFL group,CITY Fan and ect companies are also our customers. Our Weijin die casting machines and other related equipments are working in their company for several years and the performance is still very good. More and more customers turn to our Weijin company to buy the ceiling fan production line. Warmly welcome to contact and visit us.We are committing ourselves to provide the best solution and best experience to you.

      Ceiling Fan Die Casting Machine Working In RFL Group

Ceiling Fan Die Casting Machine.JPG

       Ceiling Fan Die Casting Machine Working In CITY Fan Company

Ceiling Fan Production Line.JPG

      Ceiling Fan Rotor Die Casting Machine

Rotor Die Casting Machine.jpg

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