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Brass Induction Furnace

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Brass die casting has the highest mechanical properties,density and corrosion resistance;which is a very good way to replace the traditional sand casting and widely used in the brass water meter, valve,decoration and ect die casting industry.

Advantages of brass die cast components include: 

• Corrosion resistance, even in salt water applications

• Extreme temperature-resistance, even in a burning building

• Excellent electrical conductivity

• Brass pressure-tight up to 300psi

• Easily polished or plated for attractive decorative finishes

• Cost-effective durability

• Extreme abrasion- and wear-resistance 

Brass Induction Melting Furnace


1.The furnace volumn is small with light weight,lower electricity consumption without pollution 

2.Heating evenly with less burnt loss,which can prolong the crucible service life and save energy 

3.Fast speed of melting,thermal efficiency is beyond 95% with high working efficiency 

4.Adopt the advanced temperature holding technology,which can reduce the holding power to half  

5.Easy to operate with stable performance and high safety 

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