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Rotor Casting Machine

Rotor Casting Machine

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Ceiling Fan Rotor Casting Machine 

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Ceiling fan rotor casting machine

1) the captain 1650* wide 1300* high 1350mm (height of about 850mm).

2) drive energy: electric power, voltage 380V + 10%, frequency 50HZ + + 3% (if the customer does not match the power, can be reported in advance).

3) power: hydraulic system 4kw, centrifugal rotation system 7.5kW, a total of 11.5kw.

4) cooling mode: water cooling, (customer access to the circulating water can be).

5) open and close mode: hydraulic lift (according to the thickness of the rotor plate automatic adjustment).

6) efficiency: 12 seconds /pcs.

7) speed: 1450r/min (according to customer requirements).

8) mould size: diameter of 300mm.

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